Ayodhya Ram Mandir: Know all about the divine Jewellery of Ramlala

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Ayodhya Ram mandir: Know all about the divine Jewellery of Ramlala.Today we will know everything about the divine ornaments of Ramlala due to which the divine idol of Ramlala appears like alive.  On January 22, 2024, the devotees were experiencing the physical darshan of God in the image of supernatural beauty.  How did Ramlala look so beautiful? Let us tell you about his decorations:



The idol of Ramlala is in the form of 5 year old Ram whose height is 51 inches.  The length of the idol was kept at 51 inches so that the sun’s rays fall on Ramlala’s forehead at noon on every Ramnavami day.  That means, on the day of every Ram Navami, the sun will shine on the forehead of Ramlala.  The idol installed in the Garbhgriha has been installed on a lotus flower.  The height of the idol with lotus flower is 8 feet.  The weight of Ram idol is 200 kg.  For this special reason, a 51-inch statue of Ramlala has been made.

A total of 14 ornaments have been made for the decoration of the beautiful statue of 5 year old Ramlala by the artist to connects the devotees with God.  At least 15 kg of gold and 18000 diamonds and emeralds have been used in making the jewelery of Lord Ramlala.  The beauty of the crown sitting on the head is amazing.  It contains 1 kg 700 grams of gold, 75 carat diamond, 175 carat emerald and 262 carat worth of sapphire and ruby.  If we look at the decoration of the crown, the symbol of the Suryavansh is seen in the middle along with the peacock, the symbol of royalty.  The emerald in the middle is a symbol of intelligence and the ruby ​​is a symbol of bravery.  Centuries old diamonds are a symbol of purity.  The use of diamond also symbolizes unbreakable power and eternal qualities. Gold is a symbol of grandeur.

The fish and peacock made in the crown are also the government symbols of Uttar Pradesh.  The jewelery is made by Harsahaymal Shyamal Jewelers of Lucknow and Bareilly.  This brand is 130 years old. All this jewellery was made in just 12 days.  In the beginning of January, when Prime Minister Modi ji finalized the final idol, the curator of jewellery was called and in less than 12 days, all the jewellery of Ramlala was prepared.

The largest rosary around the neck of Lord Ramlala is the Vijaymala necklace which weighs 2 kg, which is made of 22 carat gold. It has the darshan of the five sacred flowers Lotus, Kund, Parijat, Champa and Tulsi besides Shankha Chakra.  This necklace touches the feet of Lord Rama.

A small necklace of about 500 grams of gold is studded with about 40 carats of diamonds, 150 carats of rubies and about 380 carats of emeralds.  A picture of emerald, ruby ​​and Suryavansh has been made in the middle of this necklace.

There is another beautiful necklace around the neck of Ramlala with five threads which is also called Panchalada.  This is a necklace weighing around 600 grams.  Apart from 60 carat diamonds, it has 550 carat emerald.  These five threads represent the five elements.  Each of the five threads symbolizes the five elements which relate the divine qualities of Lord Rama to the elements of nature.

There is a 750 gram gold waist belt to adorn the waist of Ramlala.  It has 70 carat diamond studded in it and about 850 carat ruby ​​and emerald studded in it.  This waistband is a symbol of Chakravarti Emperor Dashrath’s son being the prince.

The weight of the tilak is 16 grams. In the middle there is a round brilliant diamond of 3 carats which is surrounded by smaller diamonds weighing about 10 carats.  The tilak was prepared in such a way that on every Ram Navami, when the sun’s rays fall on the diamond in the middle, it shimmers.

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