How Lord Ram Actually Looks like?

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Do you know, How Lord Ram Actually Looks like? Today we will discuss about lord Ram that how he looks like as per our ancient holy books.

Lord Rama have their own face.  The pictures of Lord Ram that you have seen, you may have seen either on the calendar or in your religious books, or you may have seen them on TV (a serial named Ramayana used to air on TV).  Many people started considering Arun Govil as Lord Ram because most of the people have understood and seen the form of Lord Ram from the Ramayana serial only.  In whatever photo or statue we see of Lord Ram, Lord Ram is seen without a moustache.  Now what is the fact behind this?  Are all those statues of Lord Ram in his youth?  Or did all the sculptors who carved the idol of Lord Ram in ancient times only remember his youthful past?  The picture, the image of Lord Shri Ram that we all have in our minds, in our hearts, is based on our imagination, and how is imagination formed?  Imagination is created from those pictures, those images which we have been seeing since childhood, whether it is calendar, whether it is TV, whether it is the idols kept in temples.  Everything forms an image and we remember our Lord in this image.

                     But the question arises whether Lord Ram looked the same as we remember him today, the idols in our temples, the photos displayed in the calendars of our homes, the photos printed in religious books.  Actually, what did Lord Ram look like?  One idol was selected out of three to install the idol of Lord Ram in Ayodhya Ram temple.  What was the secret behind the selection of that idol?  What did the committee that selected that statue find in that statue that made them think it was a figure similar to Lord Ram?  It is said that the three sculptors who made the idol for the Ayodhya Ram temple had also studied ancient texts so that they could understand the description of the Lord’s body well and create a perfect idol, is there truth in this?  Today we will analyze these deep secrets.

According to Ramayana, Lord Shri Ram’s complexion i.e. his color was indigo color and was dark blue like Neelkamal.  It is also said that the color of his body is as beautiful as a blue watery cloud.  His complexion is as light as a cloud.  His eyes were as beautiful and big as lotus leaves, for which words like Padma Patrak, Kamal Patrak and Kamal Lochan have been mentioned in Ramayana and scriptures.  According to Ramcharitra Manas, Lord Ram’s eyes were like a blooming lotus.  His eyebrows were long and beautiful.  His nose was shapely and large in proportion to his face.  His face was like the full moon for which the word Sharad Chandra is used.  Maharishi Valmiki has told in Ramayana that, Lord Shri Ram’s face was bright, gentle, soft and beautiful like the moon. His teeth were like pearls which kept shining, which has been called Sundaram in Ramayana, beautiful joy. Lord Shri Ram’s lips were red like the rising sun and both the lips were equal.  Apart from this, his throat was like that of Shankar.  The ears were large, in which earrings added to the beauty.  His hands were long which reached till his knees.  That is, there is mention of Shri Ram’s hands in Ramayana as having long arms, due to which they have been called Ajanubhuj.  And his stomach had three lines, which was considered very auspicious.  The length of Shri Ram’s legs was in proportion to his upper body and his chest was like a huge chest.  Their bodies were exactly the same, Neither too big nor too small.  Their cases were also very dense, beautiful and long.  It is also told in Ramayana that the appearance and physical structure of Lord Shri Ram can be described only according to his feelings.  Now whatever image is being formed in your mind regarding the form of Lord Ram, you should meditate on Ram in that image because Tulsidasji has written.  The feeling remained as if I had seen the idol of God.  Tulsidasji has expressed the image of Lord Ram in this couplet and has said that the image of God is according to the mind of man.  The Lord appears to him in the same form with which he looks.

The pictures of Shri Ram that have been made till date, have been made on the basis of information available in Ramayana and scriptures.  For example, in all the pictures of Lord Ram made in the last 700 years, he is seen without a mustache and this is because all these pictures of him are from the time when he was very young.  That means all the pictures you see are pictures of his youth.  A painting of Lord Rama was made by Mandi artists of India in the year 1750 and it depicted the marriage ceremony of Lord Rama and his brothers.  Another painting was made in the 16th century, in which Lord Rama takes the blessings of his father King Dasharatha before going on exile and this painting is preserved in the Indiago Museum of Art, California.  Apart from this, a picture was made in the 19th century, which was made by India’s famous painter Raja Ravi Varma.  In this, Lord Ram’s color appears blue.  While the picture of Lord Ram and Sita was most commonly published on calendars in the 1950s, the picture remembered by millions of people of India as Lord Ram is based on the description of him in the Ramayana.  Get  In 1987, when the picture of the famous artist Arun Govil, who played the role of Lord Ram in the Ramayana serial, was published on the cover page of a magazine named Dharmayug, people started seeing Lord Ram in the form of govil by the large number of people in our country  In fact, people started considering Arun Govil as Lord Ram and you must have seen that a few days ago, Arun Govil was going to an airport and there he met some people and people started touching his feet, considering him as Lord Ram.  |  This shows how much devotion the people of India have towards Lord Shri Ram.

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