Oil Filled Radiator OFR Heater: Havells Review

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Oil Filled Radiator OFR Heater: Havells Review will be today’s our topic.

Today we have brought for you the most important products most used in winter.  Today we have brought OFR heater for you, which is a better heater.  It does not affect your health, it also saves electricity. It is quite useful in today’s time.  We are going to review OFR i.e. Oil Filled Radiator of Havells Company.  Our OFR is a 11 fin 2900 watt oil filled radiator.  We booked it from Amazon about 5 days ago and it arrived at our home yesterday.  We unpacked it and installed it.  We checked all its features and we are using it now.  I am writing its review the next day after using it, i.e. after 24 hours.


It has 11 fins.  13 fin heaters and 9 fin heaters are also available in the market.  However, their price is higher or lower depending on the fin.  We can also count the fins, if it has 11 fins then if I count from the front then the total will be 11 fins till the back.  FIN means hit extension point.  The more fins there are, the more the heating capacity will increase, that is, if the bigger the room, we will have to buy a heater with bigger fins which is sufficient according to the size of our room.

How to use oil filled radiator?

It has maximum consumption at 2900 watts.  It has three different designs of water consumption.  That means we can set it on low, medium or high energy consumption. Low means that it will cool the room in time but will consume less energy.  Energy consumption will be higher on medium and maximum consumption on high i.e. 2900 watts.  Normally on low the energy used will be around 1100 watts, on medium it can consume around 2200 watts and at maximum full consumption i.e. 2900 watts the heater can consume.  When we keep this heater at maximum i.e. at 2900, then it can heat the room quickly but your electricity bill will be higher.

What are the benefits of oil filled radiator?

To further boost the heating that occurs, we are also given PC fan heater. A fan is added to it so that the heat is spread out a little with the help of the fan so that it can quickly heat our room.  get it,  There is a button on the front to start this fan.  If we press this button, the fan starts and it throws hot air out through the thin space on the side.  If you want very mild heat and your room is not too cold then you can use it alone.

Is it a good idea to get an oil filled radiator?

As I said it is a healthy heater.  Healthy means that all the other heaters oxidize the oxygen present in our environment, due to which there is a shortage of oxygen in that area and we start having breathing problems.  So it is a comfortable breathing product. It does not break the oxygen, there is no oxidation, and there is no dryness in it.  Humidity is also well maintained in the room, it does not become dry, hence anti dryness is written on the box (No Depletion of Oxygen).

                 This product comes with 2 years warranty.  Three hit settings are available in 2 years warranty.  Its maximum power is 2900 watts.  Along with low, medium and high, there is also a system of off.  In off position it will turn off the heater.  Off means shutdown.

              Along with this, you also get double wheels, so that if you move it well then its portability increases.  You will get a manual with it.

What is the price of oil filled radiator?

Its MRP is around Rs 15000.  But you can get it for between Rs 8000 to Rs 15000, depending on whether there is a sale on it or not.  When I inquired in the market, the shopkeeper told that the price of 11 Finn Havells would be between Rs 12000 to Rs 13000.  If we take 13 fins then its price will be between 13000 to 14000.  Whether to buy it from the market or online depends on your own experience. You may find the price a little lower online but if you want, you can buy it from the market also.

Is it safe to keep an oil filled radiator running continuously?

Extra safety has always been taken care of.  Extra safety means that if this heater is standing in its normal position, it will remain on but as soon as it tilts, it will automatically turn off.  This increases safety.  If the heater falls, it will turn off as soon as it tilts.  Let us tell you that it has overheat protection, so there is safety in that it will auto cut.

               Now let us know the function of temperature control in it.  Just below the power consumption knob, there will be a temperature control knob which will have maximum and minimum settings. If we want the temperature to be higher, if we want more temperature in the room, then we will have to set it towards high.  If we want lower temperature in the room then we will have to keep the setting towards low.

                 There is wire winding at the front.  At this place you can keep the wire used in it wrapped.  When you are not using it or moving it from one place to another, you can wrap the wire in it.  It also has many sockets which you can use as charging points.  It has many types of sockets in which charging points with energy consumption of 6 amps or more can be used here.  Its wheel comes separately which is then set with the help of a screw. This wheel helps in moving this product from one place to another.

             Power point socket 16 will have to be installed in the umpire socket box only.  It fits only in heavy duty sockets because it consumes more energy.  This product will have multi directional heating.  That is, if you install it at one place, it will get universal heating from there.

Now let me answer some of your questions here:

For how long can an oil filled radiator be kept running continuously ?

Oil filled radiator has auto cut i.e. if the room temperature reaches the particular temperature, it cuts itself i.e. switches off.  So you can run it continuously.

What are the side effects of oil filled radiator?

It is expensive.  It weighs approximately 15 to 17 kg, means high weight.  Takes up more space than a normal heater.  All these are its side effects.  It also consumes more electricity, which means your electricity bill will increase slightly.

Which is better oil free or oil filled radiator?

Of these two, the better oil filled radiator is.  It is safer and good for health. It is also said to be good for places where there is a newborn baby.  It is also said to be good for elderly people because it does not deplete oxygen.

Which is better between oil filled radiator and electric heater?

Certainly oil filled radiator is better.

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